*appears in a puff of smoke!*


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... I must continue to practice my ninja skills. :| :shuriken:

Hello everyone :D I am Emily; you can call me that, "Hey You" or "Cyberil." Capitalization is optional but noted with appreciation :nod:

Umm... Some of my hobbies include drawing, martial arts and anime, and I am a long time fan of Sonic the Hedgehog. I am also trying liek whoa to get into a school for massage therapy :B

Ummmmmm... Aw, crap, I can't think of anything else to say. YET! Time to stalk around and try to spark the Meaningful Conversation flame in my thoughtmeats.



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Welcome to the forums, very glad you've decided to join this place, hopefully you'll become a big contributor to General Forum. Enjoy yourself and Ill see you around.


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Welcome to GF! I hope you will enjoy it here.

Btw I am a ninja so if you ever need help with your skills, I am here to teach =)

So get posting and have fun!