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PlayStation 1 Ape Escape


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Who here has played Ape Escape? I have, I'm a huge fan of the series.


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i've played the 1st one and loved it. never played the 2nd [ or 3rd? ] cause i don't have a PS2.

that's one of the first adventure/platform games that i 've played that used both analogs.


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Actually, guess what? It really was the first to use both analog sticks.

The second is pretty good gameplay-wise, but they made it a bit too kiddy for its own good. Since then they've stopped that. Unfortunatelly, they've released Ape Escape 3 in Japan and still haven't realeased it in the U.S. after months. They don't even have a release date yet (since the last time I checked, which was recently). However, they ARE working on it, so I wonder why it's taking so long.


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I always thought that Ape Escape was one of the best names for game, even better than Super Monkey Ball and Chu Chu Rocket combined! Not as good as Gun though.

Played the first one, is it as good on the ps2 though?


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I just found out that they have a release date for Ape Escape 3, but it's in January, too late for Christmas.

As for how good it is on PS2, you mean Ape Escape 2, right? Cause there's also Ape Escape: Pumped and Primed, which is sort of a party-type game.

Anyway, Ape Escape 2 is pretty good, though when you play it, you'll probably be disappointed that you have to play as Spike's cousin, and not Spike himself.

However, once you beat the game, you'll unlock the ability to re-play as Spike.

There are a bunch of things to unlock, including 3 games, one is a dancing Simon-Says type game except way more challenging, another is the incredibly addictive and fun Monkey Soccer, with satisfying kicks that can send the ball straight at the goalie's face, then bouncing into the goal, and a challenging and addictive vine-swinging game, in which you'll need tons of practice just to move from one vine to the other. I recommend it.


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We had ape escape, but I didn't play it. Just my husband did. I had a hard time using the analog sticks. Since this game used both, I just couldn't adjust to it. When I'd play a game like Spyro or Crash, I would use the buttons cause I could.

He enjoyed the game though.


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Ape Escape was kick, but I never got around to playing all the way through it because the stupid rental froze on the fifth level or so. Crap!:mad:


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Ape Escape is one of my first games... I like it very much ! This is very fun, the story is quite original and the gadgets were cleverly concepted... The game is quite long too ! :)

Well, the characters aren't the most charismatic of VG History, but nevermind... ^^'


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Holy shit, NECRO-THREAD!

Someone break out the air freshener on this thing, cause it smells bad.