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Discussion in 'Religion & Philosophy' started by Daemonic, Aug 14, 2010.

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    I was signing the paperwork to move into my place and one of their rules were no religious or political things on the front of doors. It was funny because when they took me up I looked and saw a cross with Jesus name on someones front door before doing the paperwork. When the lady was covering that part I asked her if it was not enforced strictly because of what I had seen. I also informed her I didn't care about the cross but was just curious. She said little things are fine but they try to avoid things that are offensive to others. Now I don't advertise my beliefs or why I use anything but tell me this......

    Lets say I put a pentagram wreath on my door during the holiday I hand made as I do use some pagan beliefs in my personal system. I bet they would make me take it down....

    I have no interest in doing it because I hate advertising my beliefs and there is no real label for them..

    I guess what I'm getting at is I hate how people assume a cross with Jesus can't offend but a star with a circle would.....

    or hell, I bet even a Islam symbol would be considered offensive. It seems as if freedom of religion only applies to the main religions. I could be assuming things and maybe could hang up a little star with the appropriate colors for a holiday. I just don't wanna test it though and get kicked out....

  2. Doc

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    FTW. Most people wouldn't even recognize it.

    Your landlord is obviously a Christan that holds a double standard for other religions. She probably wouldn't find a star of david to be offensive, either, because it's so close to Christianity.

    But put one of these on your door:
    ...and she'll shit bricks.

    I'd test her if i were you. Make sure you take a picture of the cross before you do it and use it as proof of other accepted violations of her rule. She legally can't kick you out if you have that proof.
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    From what I can tell, there usually isn't an issue unless someone complains. They don't care about the rule, but they have it there so if someone complains, they can enforce it to keep the peace. If you complained about the cross, they'd probably ask them to take it down. If you posted Islam's crescent moon, chances are most people wouldn't even think about it as being Islamic, and nobody would care.
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  4. Daemonic

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    Perhaps, I may just ask out of curiosity is a small wreath on Halloween in the shape of a star with orange, brown, and black would be acceptable and why. Those would be appropriate colors for how I view that season and what it represents.

    My big problem was they listed it as a 3 warnings your evicted thing. So if she said the one person could get away with it.....
  5. Gavik

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    Exactly. Most clauses like that are just in case something becomes an issue. They have more important things to take care of.
  6. Major

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    I disagree with that 100%. There is really no reason to test the limits of the rule. He said he doesn't care to advertise his beliefs, and he isn't offended by a cross on someone's door, so in my opinion it is a non-issue and certainly not worth the trouble of creating conflict between himself and the landlord and his new neighbors, or worse, turning it into a legal matter. There's no sense worrying about something that isn't causing anyone any problems.
  7. Doc

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    I totally respect his feelings, I was simply saying what I'd do.

    I push limits and don't like double standards in religion. It is my way of disagreeing with the rule.

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