AP has arrived!

Hello all, I'm AP, an I am new here. I am 16, I live in Utah, and I love photography, the cold, and to couple with the cold polar bears. I've been on the news a few times because of my efforts to help save the polar bears...:rolleyes: ya and I loves the outdoors especially the cold! I don't know why that is just the way I am lol. So I will be looking forward to posting with you in the future! :nod:


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I wasn't aware that the polar bears needed saving. There seem to be tons of them in Churchhill. Almost a nuisance really. Welcome to the boards man, stay active, post lots and you should fit in just fine. We're pretty diverse here.


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I read you intro wrong to start with. Thought you said you loved pornography :lol:

Anyway, welcome to the boards, have fun and i'll see you around.