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Anything appreciated


New Member
Ok so here is me, or as best the English language can represent me.

My thing is for the last while I’ve realised that I don’t have many true friends and the others if you could call them friends at all are in many cases coinsidental. I don’t know why, always have wondered even from a young age. However I was always more talkative or at least more able a conversationalist when I was young. Now however I find it quite difficult to sustain a new conversations, at introductions im great, all the “easy stuff” , its all new so no problems, lots to talk about, however once that ends im left with…….
Not too sure, its just hard nothing comes to mind. Im not too sure when this came about, I can remember being quite talkative when I was younger, I mean young, I used to always talk/have something to say, I was good at it. It probably started when I began school, yes its one of those stories, I was bullied, quite heavily, nothing physical but all verbal and constantly till pretty much near the end of it, the last year or two of secondary school.
For the start of university I was everybodies friend, pretty everybody turned to me and one other friend on where to go, what to do, and everything else that was going on. We were just having fun, however as I have mentioned it was the start we I was meeting people, “the easy stuff” it seems. The other guy is still in the middle of everything but I have fell by the wayside, im not sure how, but I just find it hard to talk to people, nothing comes to mind. I don’t know why im posting this or if it will help, but here goes im being honest, maybe this is the easy part all over, but here it is. Any insights?


New Member
I'm still in high school, but I feel the same way you do about things. I'm bullied a lot. I have one real friend whom I cling to. I'm lost when it comes to conversation which is weird because I always thought I was talkative. What happened? Who knows. And as far as advice goes... well, I don't have any, because I'm also going through the same things, so I guess I'll have to keep you updated if I figure it out. Until then, you aren't alone in your problems, friend. Keep trudging along, and practice new ways to talk to people. That will help in the mean time. Seek advice from someone you know that always knows what to say. Though it doesn't seem easy, people you know are great advice givers if you just ask. And, advice is a great topic to get talking to people more. Most of my conversations with friends are just me complaining, and they still talk to me. It's worth a shot, as far as I see it. You don't really have anything to lose.