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TV Anyone watch Person of Interest?


not a plastic bag
I've caught up with this show this summer. Written by Johnathon Nolan who helped write the new Batman. The first show I saw I was turned off because it was like watching The Dark Knight but I love it now.
Basic story is a man built a machine for NSA that would detect terrorist activity before it happens by monitoring everything that happens in NYC. After he turned it over the government he kept control of it to stop other crimes. The machine is written so that it gives the name of a person that is either a suspect or victim. The computer programmer hired an ex-CIA agent to find the person of interest and stop the crime before it happens.
The writing is just superb for a tv show. Nolan does an excellent job.

Anyone seen it?


Registered Member
I'm just getting into it now. Seems a bit slow, but I'm hoping the overall arc will be enough to draw me in