Anyone remember Lawn Darts?


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Hi all

How many of you remember Playing the Game Lawn Darts or Yard darts?

This is a great yard game, it's like a mix of Darts and Horse shoes.

We used to play this all the time. It was a fun game to play as long as you were playing with older kids or adults, Little kids throw wild shots and you don't want to be hit by one of these.

When when I was 11 or so my mom let my 2 yr old cousin throw one and it was the last time she ever let any little kid throw one. The kid threw a wild shot that landed right in the middle of my Dad's convertible top of his 57 Chevy.

When the adults weren't around did you use them as Darts and try to hit one and another? We did. :D Blatant misuse of the game, but hey we were kids.

The ones they sell now a days are "safety ones" They don't even look the same. I would love to find an original set or two so me and the boys can play.

So do you remember these? Do you still have them?


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Jarts!!! They are banned from wholesale these days because people have gotten hurt from them. My dad still has a set of jarts and we play them at family functions all the time. Dont tell the cops.

We are so obsessed with this dad found a jarts t-shirt online lol


Lawn Darts are great. The originals were recalled for safety reasons. They now have safe ones, but your right, its really not the same.

You could probably try ebay.


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nah never had the pleasure of trying this one. We played croquet.... and still managed to turn that into a violent game. Had we gotten ahold of sharp, aerodynamical projectiles we'd most likely have lost an eye.