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Anyone Play Corn Hole ???


Cornhole matches are broken down into innings or frames of play. During each inning, every player throws four bags. A player may deliver the bag from either the left or right pitcher's box, but, in any one inning, all bags must be delivered from the same pitcher’s box. It is possible that both players can throw from the same pitcher's box. Also, the player gets a three foot box to throw in. Each player must deliver the bag within twenty seconds. The time starts when the player steps onto the pitcher’s box with the intention of pitching. The player who scored in the preceding inning pitches first in the next inning. If neither pitcher scores, the contestant or team who pitched last in the preceding inning pitches first in the next inning.
Cornhole can be played as either doubles or singles. In doubles play, four players split into two teams. One member from each team pitches from one cornhole platform and the other members pitch from the other. The first side of players alternate pitching bags until both players have thrown all four of their bags, then the players pitching from the opposing cornhole board continue to alternate in the same manner until all four of their bags are delivered and the inning or frame is completed. In singles play, two players play against each other. Delivery is handled in the same manner as doubles play. Both contestants pitch from the same cornhole platform and alternate their pitches until all of their bags have been pitched, completing the inning or frame.

In order to score, the bags must either be tossed into the hole or land on the board. A bag that falls through the hole is worth a value of three points. The bag can be tossed directly into the hole, slide into the hole, or be knocked into the hole by another bag. A bag that lands on the board and is still on the board at the end of the inning is worth one point. If a bag touches the ground and comes to rest on the board, it is removed from the board prior to continuation of play and not worth any points. Usually, cancellation scoring is used. In cancellation scoring, bags that fall in the hole and bags that land on the board that are pitched by opponents during a frame cancel each other out. That is, if one player scores four points and the other player scores three points, the first player receives one point for the inning. In case of a tie, the team who ties the game, must go first.

A cornhole match is played until the first player or team reaches or exceeds twenty-one points at the completion of an inning. However, many play by the rule that states if a player or team goes over twenty-one, they go back to score of 13. The match usually can not end in the middle of an inning. Thus, if a team that pitches first reaches or exceeds twenty-one points, the game does not end until the other side is allowed to pitch all of their bags and the inning is completed. Also, close games must be won by 2 points. For example, if at the end of an inning one team is winning 21-20, the match must continue until one of the two teams ends an inning up by at least 2 points in the score (the match would end, for example, if one team ended the inning winning by a score of 23-21, but not by a score of 21-20).

Cornhole-How-To: Make your own cornhole set!


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Where I am from you only play cornhole in prison and it is a totally different sort of activity.