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Game Cube Anyone Looking To Sell?


New Member
I'm looking to buy a used Nintendo GameCube and I was just curious as to whether anybody was interested in selling their's. Just post here if you're interested and I'll respond back.


Secret Agent
Staff member
I'm assuming that by used you don't mean broken.. :shake:

LOL, but seriously, I have one that still works sometimes. I also have one in mint condition but that's gonna be the keeper. :cool:


New Member
Lol what do you mean by works...sometimes?


Registered Member
i have one that works good. how much are you willing to buy it. i need money so i can get a wii.:nod:
Andrew said:
I mean that it had been dropped from the shelf one to many times. :D
how'd you drop it off of a shelf?!??
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Registered Member
How much for the one that works sometimes? I have good luck with repairing these things at times...


Registered Member
I am looking to sell. It is over at my neighbors house right now. But when I get it back I am looking to sell. I have

1-Platinum GameCube System(w/hookups)
1-Platinum Game Cube Controller
1-Orange Game Cube COntroller
2-Wireless GameCube Controllers

Games I have include Super Smash Bros, WWE Wrestlemania 19, Sonic The Hedgehog Gems, and Super Mario Double Dash. Let me know. All are in Great Working Order.