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Anyone like to give it a try


Registered Member
I had noticed there is a Poker room here. Well I don’t care much for the game Poker in cards or 21 black jack. . Though at Hoyle game is used to get into Black Jack tournaments. I guess it is ok in that fashion. Just not between friends. Better to have a dealer and tokens outspend. .
Hoyle game was taken off line with it other classic games Pachisi, Backgammon, Word Yacht, Cribbage, Spades, Word ox, Double cross, Dominoes, and other rooms. .
It was a real disaster when this web forum went down for good. Many say this was one of the best social rooms board game online sites. In my opinion it is better than Pogo? Why is that? because Hoyle had avatars that when you typed looked like you were actually talking. I often used a grizzly bear or a cool looking guy with sun glasses. I was known as Light walker. I supposed no one would remember this place?
Still however there are a coupe of card games I like. I currently don't know who to ask. Does anyone like to play the card game of Spades? Would anyone be willing to play to be a partner? I really don't like having a stranger for a partner. . some of them get just as chip on the shoulders opponents do. I am best when I bid Nil. But I would not risk Blind Nil. The other game I like is Hearts. I have to keep playing against robots at home. Hoping maybe someone wants to get in this game. 2 option places I know of. pogo and Yahoo games. I don’t know of other game sites yet one can recommend me where they would want to meet.
There is one more game I like a lot. Literati at Yahoo games. Its’ just like scrabble. Anyone would be interested to play this? So 3 game options Spades, Hearts or Literati or just straight scrabble. .
I don't have or don’t want Face book or Twitter. I have some privacy concern issues of face book and Twitter. Organization people may not know they are being monitored there. . it's safer to be at a forum like this since the administrator has the codes and control over the board who can get in and not. It's not like that at face book . It's easy to find others and to spy on them. So it's easy for you to be spied on facebook . So no scrabble over there.
Well I am just asking if anyone can be available. My friend Melinda has been baby sitting. I can‘t get her to play Spades like we used to. So if anyone is up for game and even a suggestion of your own games please let me know here at this post or in my pm box. Either one will work. Just not Poker. Maybe it relies too much on luck. Yet I do like Bingo.