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Anyone Know Strip Jack Naked?


Ms. Malone
One of my tutors taught it us today, without stripping of course, anyone know it? It's a good game and can go on forever!


Ms. Malone
You can be drunk, sober, shit-faced, whatever you like!

The aim of the game is to win all the cards!

Ok, first you deal out all the cards (doesn't matter how many players but less means more cards!), DON'T LOOK AT THEM!
Next, go around the group laying down the cards face up (like snap).

Here's where shit get's complicated...

If someone lays down a Jack they take off one item of clothing and the next person lays a card on top of that, if it's another picture card eg: queen, king or ace, the game moves on, if it's a number the last person who plays the picture card wins the pile.

Here's how the picture cards work:

Jack= One card
Queen= Two cards
King= Three cards
Ace= Four cards

so...eg: you lay a queen down the next person lays down two, if it's another picture card it contines around the group, if it's a number you win the pile.

So, if you lay down a king the next person lays three cards, and if you lay an ace the next person lays four cards.

Since i've never played the stripping version, my only guess is that when you've no clothes left you loose and deal your remaining cards out *shrugs*

Simple? Question?