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Anyone know about sheet music from 1890`s through 1930 or so???


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I have a box of sheet music from the 1890`s up and am curious if there are some that are worth keeping or listing on ebay? They are not in great cond. but all are very much readable. The outside edges are not too good and someone put tape to hold the pages together on most. I guess they would be good for craft projects, but a few of the names stand out. One I am curious about is Acappella Choruses from the Russian Liturgy. It has a copywrite 1915, and says "selected by Kurt Schindler". Conductor of the Schola Cantorium of New York. That name sounds awfully familiar to me,, Could it be because of the Schindlers List movie ? Or was this guy ever in New York??? I didn`t see the movie !!!!


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No the Russian liturgy's were mostly song by Greek Orthodox monks... I am not sure of any relation to his name and the nazis persay but indeed he was alive during that time...

Kurt Schindler was born 1882? and died in the 1946? not sure when tho...
He was a composer...

The Schola Cantorum taught Gregorian Chant to many monks... from all religions...

Here is a link about some Holocust art in NY that mentions him...

Some info about a museum/library of some sort carrying info about him in NY

Can't find much more


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Hey,,, Thanks, That was interesting reading! I think I will just pkg these up in groups & list & see how they do !! They would be great for craft projects !!