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Rant Anyone Else Tired Of Toolbars !!!


I am so tired of downloading games, programs or whatever and they always asks if you want this or that toolbar !!! :rant:
How many toolbars do they think we need ??? :confused:


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I mostly wonder about the people who wittingly install them: "why yes, an ask.com toolbar seems like exactly the sort of thing I need to improve my browsing experience." (Assuming there's actually anyone who would, which there probably isn't.)


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I never install them, like EI I do not understand why people accept to them. They're basically there to prey on the computer illiterate or those that do not know any better than to just install them. I think we've seen the end of the toolbar days to be honest with you. Browsers are getting so much better and with built in search engines, there's almost no need for toolbars anymore.

Actually, there is none.


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I keep my browser fairly clean most of the time. Most I'll use is an add on bar, because I have plenty loaded up into my Waterfox.


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I cannot stand them. I usually try to avoid them at all costs, and try to pay attention when I'm downloading something to untick anything they may have automatically included with the download.

The worst lately was AVG. It was like a freaking virus, it was so bad. It would redirect my google page entirely, and would only allow me to search using AVG. I even uninstalled the software and the toolbar was still on there. It took me about a week to get it off there. Now I will never buy another AVG product as long as I live. Assholes.


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Why would you need a toolbar for anything these days? They're basically really annoying adware these days. I've noticed when installing several programs that it asks you if you would like to install the Ask toolbar and make Ask.com your homepage. NO! I would not like to do that. :lol:

I remember way back when you actually had to install the Google toolbar into IE or Firefox (and it was well worth it).

I use Chrome and have since it came out, not once have I ever thought Geez, I really need a toolbar, not once. You can use Google search in Chrome by going to the address bar and searching.

One of the better advancements in browser software if you ask me. :)


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I hate having to fix people's computers that have a large number of toolbars while having to explain why the toolbars are bad for their computer and how they got there moreso than the toolbars themselves. I do not, and will not, use them. To me they are bloatware designed to peddle a certain company's wares that I can easily find myself with a simple Google search.


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They annoy me a lot and I never install them. There have been times when I am rushing through clicking all the accept buttons and I forget to un-check it or I don't see it, then it just annoys me more.


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I haven't had a toolbar since I changed from Internet Explorer to Opera about 6 years ago and it has been the best change of my life, I always found it that toolbars slowed IE down, not that it was fast anyway!


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
On a similar note, Aleks, I've noticed that Chrome doesn't seem to support toolbars. I haven't seen one that isn't an official extension as long as I've been using it.