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Anyone else ever feel trapped??


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Does anyone else ever feel trapped?? I feel like I always have a kid on me, and never any time for ME... I know that Quillan feels bad, but I've been basicly packing him around all day long for weeks now. He's even instisting on sleeping with me.

I feel bad for feeling like this, but oh what I would give for a whole 10 mins to myself!!


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It comes with motherhood & it's normal to feel that way.
Is there anyone you can get to just watch him for like an hour just so you can relax?
My youngest started school this year so I get a whole 2 1/2 hours to myself so that helps but I am sooo looking forward to summer! Although I like the breaks from my kids I also worry about them constantly if they aren't with me.. I'm a worry wort by nature..lol


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my mom will watch the other kids,but when Quillan is having problems she's just not comfortable watching him... My best friend could do it, but she's in the middle of moving and just doesn't have time.


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Hey girl! It is normal to feel that way, especially when there is a problem like your having.

Would it be possible for your husband to watch him for a little while so you can maybe go grocery shop alone or something just for a little while? Everyone needs a little time alone every now and then. Even if its just at work, or doing another chore.

I hope it gets better for you Mina!!



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Mothers day blues...thats what it is...I mean we feel that way all the time, but right after we realize we don't even get a MOTHERS DAY...makes ya more sad....we are strong!!! WE ARE WOMAN!! hehehehe

but one day everybody better watch out.........hehehehe



~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Good afternoon ladies. I sometimes feel the same way. I'm a stay at home dad.
I run my shop from my house.
My son is 5 and just started school.(3 hour break for me) Next year he will be going full time. But when he is home it's like a scean from "Winnie the poo". Kid on my heels, 2 dogs, and a cat following me all over the house.
I honestly don't know how the 1950's house wives did it. Or all house wives do it. Kids(big & small),laundry , dinner, and all that goes with it Ladies take a bow, give your selves a pat on the back.
I never thought it was so hard untill I did it.
But I now wouldn't change a thing. And yes i do the house work as well as run my buisness..Dont worry it will all work out..

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WOW nightsurfer! Kodoos to you for being a man AND doing all that stuff too! Most men won't get off the couch long enough to do that stuff! (ducking the stuff being thrown at me from the other guys) :)


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wooohooooo...well I am also a stay at home mom for the first time in my life...I have always worked and now since I am home hubby stopped helping with the laundry and dinner and house cleaning...he said it is my job now....heheheh brat!!! but it is hard work.....laundry I hate laundry I am always doing it...I have to drive every day to a hundred places ok maybe not a hundred, but I drive alot....and mostly for the kids....dishes, cleaning, laundry, cooking and stoping fights... I do that alot!!!
I say to nightsurfer....right on!! Like you said you didn't know how hard it was till you did it....thats just the way its going to be...unless you try it you will never know....I know I didn't...I thought it would be fun and great!!! hahahahahah YEAH RIGHT!!! But I am home when the kids are home and that is what is important....Stop letting Daycares raise our kids, but I know for a lot of people that is just to hard to do...and I understand that!



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I think it's normal to feel somewhat trapped. We as mothers are so busy taking care of everyone else that we forget to take of ourselves! I am lucky in that my husband stayed home with the kids for a few months. He also realized that we do not sit around watching soaps and eating bon-bons. He is very understanding when I need some time to myself. My ex-husband did not understand nor try to -- which is why he is my ex.

As Dr. Phil says: you better start taking care of your kids' mother or you won't be any good for anyone.

Maybe when your son is having a relatively good day your mom could watch him. I also know there are some hospitals that have a drop in daycare. Maybe you could check that out. Otherwise, I guess your husband will have to give you an occasional break. You've absolutely got to do it -- for you and everyone else.

Good luck.