Anyon watch the Eagles Pats game?


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I had alot of FF players in that game (so did my opponent). So I sat down and watched most of the game.

It looks like the eagles did a very good job at containing brady. NE cannot run the ball. Pressuring Brady was the only way to disrupt him. Even though they gave up the big play here and there Brady was only held to one TD when he averages about 3 a game.

I think everyone is going to be looking at the game film and it will be interesting to see how the Steelers play against the pats. We could see more or less the same thing.

Good game all around.


I saw the same thing. They kept pressure on Brady, got to him in the backfield, and kept Lito Sheppard on Moss. Was a great way to beat them down. Bit more effort into the last few drives would have won it. Steelers are a better team than the Eagles, and they should be able to win it.