Anybody Want a TDK Joker Poster?


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Anybody want a "The Dark Knight" Teaser Poster Version B Doublesided poster, 100% mint, original and rolled? The poster, for those unfamiliar with it, is as follows:

It's fairly rare and a difficult one to find given the fact that it all but vanished to collectors after Heath Ledger's untimely death. As far as I know it was the only double sided Joker poster to be produced for "The Dark Knight" in the US.

There is one other, but as far as I know it was either produced in extremely limited quantities (the doublesided originals) or limited to international markets (where it was still very rare)

I only have one of these and it won't be for sale.

There are a few others but none that I found worthwhile when it came to collecting.

Please note that auctions on eBay such as this are for "reproductions", and are not authentic originals:

THE DARK KNIGHT 27x40 Poster Joker WHY SO SERIOUS cool - eBay (item 260589234505 end time May-19-10 21:47:51 PDT)

Originals of the "Teaser B / Why So Serious" posters are priced quite a bit higher:

Dark Knight : Batman Begins : Two Original 27x40 Poster - eBay (item 170475404840 end time Apr-29-10 19:42:58 PDT)

I have several of the "Why So Serious?" Joker teaser B posters and will consider selling them on a "best offer" basis.

I could also probably be talked into throwing them in as bonus incentives for people who donate large sums of money to GF in the near future. :cool: