Anybody Used Kindle?


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Have you heard of or used Kindle? It's a portable book reader that lets you bring hundreds of books on the go. Kindle 2: Amazon's New Wireless Reading Device (Latest Generation): Kindle Store

Interesting stuff. A bit pricey but I'm sure this technology will get cheaper in the next few years.

Personally I like actually holding a book. Also, it would be hard to lend a book to a friend (or sell one) if you used Kindle.


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I can see Kindle being a good thing. Put an entire encyclopedia onto it, pull it out when you need to know something, then BAM!, instant knowledge!

As for other uses, it comes down to a battle between actual books vs e-books.

Although, the free access to does bring it up to a Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy-like status.
I haven't, but I got the kindle app on my itouch, it's pretty cool, I haven't actually bought a full book though, I donno how i feel about reading a full book on my ipod


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I have a very good friend that has a kindle, and even though they are a little bit more expensive, they are a great deal.

1: They come with a lifetime subscription to a 3g network for free, meaning that even if you are in the middle of nebraska you can still get another book.

2: the battery life is outstanding, they last at least a week, and are rechargeable

3: the books are normally only $9-$10, which even if you don't buy very many books in the long run it will still be cheaper then not having one.


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I like the idea of the Kindle, but it just isn't practical for me. The main place I read is in the tub or shower, and it would be stupid to bring an electronic item in there. Plus, I don't want to pay $9-$10 for a book when I can get it MUCH cheaper at Half Price Books. And I don't like looking at a screen to read - hard on the eyes. Plus, I will sometimes reference earlier pages of the book I'm reading if I've forgotten something, and the thing just looks awkward to hold.

So can you tell I don't want a Kindle? LOL!


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I've actually seen this in one of my local book stores and I remember looking at it. You could have a go of it because it was like there for a demo type thing and for some reason I couldn't get it to work properly - I think it was just me :rolleyes:

Personally I like having a shelf of books and calling them my own, instead of having just one electronic plate thing with all my books on them. I like to hold a book too.
Although it's good to see what technology is capable of and the way that it's expanding even into the book world.


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The main place I read is in the tub or shower, and it would be stupid to bring an electronic item in there.
How the hell do you read in the shower?

My dad recently got a Kindle and he loves it. The screen is actually supposed to be easier on the eyes. It's great for traveling so you don't have to carry heavy books around.


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How the hell do you read in the shower?
People ask me this so much so, that some time ago, I drew a little picture to demonstrate it. LOL! I drew it in paint, so be nice!

See? The curtain goes in front of me and protects the book. :D


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Meh...I don't really like taking baths that much. It's too quiet and boring. I like the constant sound of the water rushing down.