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Anybody Try 5 Hour Energy ???


I am wondering if anyone here ever tried 5 hour energy drink :confused:


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I'm sure we've had this thread before but I'm too lazy to look for it haha

Yes, I have. I didn't really like it to be honest. I thought it tasted bad and it didn't really affect me all that much.

I actually like the taste of a lot of energy drinks and they are cheaper so I go that route if I must/


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I may give it a try at some point, I've heard from a friend that her boyfriend like its affect when they had a late night of visiting a lot of family at different places. He said it helped, but I'm kind of like Millz. I'm a huge fan of the taste and size of Energy Drinks themselves, so I'm not very motivated to have something tiny and less delicious.
Plus, it's always seemed like something sketchy to avoid. I know energy drinks have a ton of bad stuff in them, but it's so small for something that's supposed to affect you for 5 hours. Just seems wrong, lol.
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I have tried it and actually like it, though it may be a bit pricey, it does give you that added boost you need without the crashing afterwards like other energy drinks do. I has a somewhat bitter taste to it once you chug it all, but that can be washed away with another drink or whatever. But I would recommend it if you really needed it or just want to give it a try.



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it gives me just an adreniline rush for a few minutes, but then I just forget about it and get on with my day. I had a large pack from Costco tried it out, wasnt too satisfied w/ its effect


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
I tried them and found that it only gave me crummy tummy and good ole liquid crack (Mt Dew) got me moving more..Some love the stuff ( my wife) and swear by it but i say it all depends on you and your metabolism. As for the price it is about the same as most energy drinks (or atleast it is here) so it is all up to you and how much you wanna spend on it. My vote is for coffee or liquid crack (mt Dew).


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It's the only energy supplement/drink I'll take and I only take it when I know I'm in trouble such as working a longer or earlier shift at work. I love it because it keeps me alert. It doesn't make me shaky and it doesn't make me crash.


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Slightly old thread...

I've never tried it and refuse to. I hear that it's very easy to get addicted to due to the fact that it has tons of caffeine, sugar, and other stimulating drugs. It's really not good for you at all, don't let them fool you with the B-vitamins thing, it can cause some serious problems because of what they don't tell you. 5 Hour Energy Drink: Side Effects, Ingredients & Review Basically the B-vitamins are called water soluble and therefore are not toxic since they are expelled through liquid, but just consider the incredibly large amounts of water needed, sure it's not toxic IF and only if you drink tons of water.

You want energy? Get a better diet going and get some sleep, there just simply is no substitute for sleep.


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I have an emergency 5-hour in my office at all times...however I try to not take them (Or engergy drinks in general). That being said, 5-hour truly works.