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Anybody remember POGS?


Problematic Shitlord
Yeah they were the shit in my elementary school for a few months and then our school banned them.


Living on the 0th floor
We never really played, but we collected them. Secretly I kinda wish I still had a few just for the memories.


Tamer Of The LOLzilla
Haha now theres a blast from the past, I used to have loads of Pogs. Looking back now it must have been one of the laziest things to come up with ever. I also remember the Looney tunes equivelant. TAZO'S!!!


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
I managed to hold on to a few tubes of them. I was looking on eBay and there is a big demand for the original pogs.
I think I might have to sell a few tubes off. I have 9 or 10 of the tubes that holds 150 pogs and one slammer. Remember the neon green and orange pog tubes?


Remember the neon green and orange pog tubes?
I forgot how they sold them. I thought it was in packets? >.<;

Alot of the Pogs had some great images on them. I had one with a blue alien with the sun behind it and another with this cool looking sword stuck in the dirt. At least they didn't skimp on that.


Sally Twit
Yes! They were banned in our school but we'd still bring them in and get them out on break times.

We used to get them in packets of crisps which was really fun.


Registered Member
I used to love pogs. I had hundreds of them, the cubba chubs ones were my favourites. The slammers were called keenies and a few of them got banned as cubba chubs brought out some metal keenies that had spikes on them and the school thought they were dangerous. I remember everybody used to play pogs when I was at junior school, every break time everybody used to be just sitting around playing and occasionally there would be tears and/or a fight as somebody had lost their precious pogs to someone in a game. Fun times!


Lion Rampant
Ah, pogs. I amassed a pretty nice collection in competitions with the kids on my street.

Sad, really, considering that I was about thirty years old...


Chirp Chirp
Remember 'em? I still have it! Hundreds of them in a bag stashed away at the back of a cupboard. I have a couple of complete collections of series they released. I used to love playing it in primary school. Nearly all the kids had them and I was pretty good at it. My heart used to go before a game though as the tension mounted. I even had a lucky pog that I always used for matches - probably still in there somewhere.