Anybody remember POGS?


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Anybody remember pogs?

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I remember these from when I was in early grade school. Somehow they were popular and I'm not sure why.

I remember they also made these things called pog makers where you could take pictures from magazines or whatever and put them on a pog chip. Now that's innovation! :rolleyes:

Who had these and do you remember what the big deal with them was?


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Yes! I loved to play the game with my business partners kids. I think I still have some. I know i have a complete unpunched Judge Dredd Sheet of pogs hanging right here in my office.

I'll have to take a pic of it and post it.

Oh those things were hot for a while and then POOF the trend was over.
Hahaha - I still have 2 pinned up on my wallboard for memories. Back in the day they were the hit in our school. I use to play with friends and became friends with other people because of POGS. They brought people together like that. =)

But, um, they were popular here for about a month and that was about it. Us kids wanted something else to obsess over.


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It was a brief fad but it got HUGE for a while. How was the game played? I remember something about having a slammer and throwing it down on other people's pogs. Was it similar to playing marbles?
You stacked up pogs and threw the slammer at it with the intention of making the pogs in the stack fly off.
but I would just throw them at people.
Ninja star style.

You stack them up, use the slammer to slam it down on top, whichever Pogs were face up you got to keep. After that, you stack them up and let the other person have their shot... I think?
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