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Anybody play WoW online?


Registered Member
I've been hearing a lot about it and even had the game in hand about a week ago but just what I do NOT need is another online game taking up time. I know quite a few people who play it so that makes it very tempting.

If you play it what do you like about it? Does it compare to any other game you've played that I may of heard about or played myself? (final fantasy type? Or not)?


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Staff member
I've heard it's similar to a game called Everquest. It costs $12 a month to play online I believe, and from what I've heard it's definitely worth it if you are easily addicted to RPG's. :)

I can't get into it though because I don't want to get addicted and waste a lot of time on it. ;)


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
Several of my friends wasted a lot of time on that game. I never go into it myself, but it's a very time-consuming RPG. I can't see how people spend so much time on these games. I can't even level up my characters in a simple RPG, or something like Diablo.


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I played about 2 months of the game. The game can be fun, especially if your very social and go on raids. I was level 40 when I quiet, and had a lot of other characters as well.

My major problem with MMORPGs is that your character is at the mercy of the developers. You can spend a massive amount of time trying to develop your character, only to have the developers change your class/race radically. It got so bad with Ultima Online, that you were pretty much forced to change your character every month just to survive.