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Anybody need any Programming assistance?


New Member
I think that learning Java itself will be the most useful. If you don't know how to program Java, then the rest won't mean much.
Thanks Mr. Snipes.

Yes, i know basic programming with java.
Would u like to give me some Links of websites.. for .. java.


Registered Member
I don't know any websites for Java. I just have some books that I use.

I would suggest trying to look for Java tutorials by doing a google search. You might be able to find some good sites that way.


not a plastic bag
I need a program installed on a webpage. I've done this plenty of times, but this one seems a little over my head, there are a lot of dependencies that I don't understand. From reading the pages, I think it would be an hour tops. Can I buy an hour of time? I am going on vacation in 3 weeks and I am going to try to get it done by then, but if we run out of time, it will be after the vacation. I can PM you the webpage that has the details if you are interested. thanks.


New Member

I need some assistance on merging to different programs, the one program is a monitor program the other a contract based program, I need to monitor users on the contract program via a cic acd! Thus displaying on a dashboard the user activity....example...lunch.....available...admin....or busy with new contract loading.

Please can you help or maybe suggest a IT company which I can approach?!


New Member
I would like to start some java proramming because next year I'll be studying it at college so I want to have a starter, can someone give me some beginner tutorials about Java?
Thanks in advance