Anybody likes Chinese subject MMO?


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Personally speaking, I prefer Chinese subject cartoons. KungFu Panda is my favorite lol...

Despite the core-spirit of “folk hero”, the Chinese feature is another great appeal.

To be honest, I am not a super MMO game fan but I do like the atmosphere that the MMO games have produced. In this virtual world, you will not venture alone. I am quite happy to spend time making friends in games. They are from all over the world. And I am happy to learn things beyond the games, to know about different cultures.

I wonder if anybody here aware of a new MMO named "the warlords"? It's a game adapted from the movie called “The Warlords", in which the story is set on the late Qing Dynasty, one of the darkest periods of Chinese history.

One of the reasons that I like this kind of game is the artwork, the vivid representation of the typical Chinese arts. A specific culture or tradition of a certain nation can be unique and fresh in game, and sometimes, it turns into an attraction, even addiction.

I'd like to share more, but I can't attache any link or image for I am still a newbie....

Anyway, I'd like to hear your opinions first~~