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Anybody here have extensive experience with emulators, roms, and finding past versions of them?


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I got a dilemma. I just upgraded operating system to Mac OS X 10.9.5 from a VERY outdated 10.5.7, which had been losing really vital functions of a wide variety (you saw when I first got here how I couldn't quote partial posts in Firefox or Camino before going to Safari). Now I have a problem with trying to find emulators for my NES, SNES, and N64. First the most serious problem.

------- N64: -------​

This is the one I had the highest hopes for in gameplaying due to upgrading. However the 3 emulators that CAN work on a mac have problems:


I can get it working but have problems with the stick not being sensitive. It's on their help pages that you have to dump any extra files that come with the adapters you use (of which I have both versions of Mayflash adapter), but if there are any excess files, I didn't SEE them being installed when I plugged in the USB for them. So I'm wondering if SixtyForce has stuff that's already on there in one of the folders that comes with it that is excess, causes the stick problems, and has to be dumped. Also, some games that I like very much do not do well on SixtyForce, namely WWF No Mercy and TWINE. Twine is the biggest loss since I could have switched some C controls and made it as playable as Goldeneye.

Project 64:

Anybody who looks into this will find several youtube videos that claim to be able to go to an installer page and find some thing called "winebottler" that can enable Project 64 to work on Macs instead of just windows. The problem is that NO ONE says anything anywhere about the fact that when you download the winebottler plug-in/app/whateveritscalled, it forms a .exe file and Mac will tell you that it cannot open it because it's a windows only app. Blindingly obvious problem that no one deals with. I cannot proceed because of it.


There's Mupen 64 (old version) and then Mupen 64 Plus. Plus is the only available version I can find and it's for systems beyond my operating system. But search for an old version of Mupen 64, and the best you'll get are a bunch of random files with poorly-labeled markings that say nothing about EXACTLY which version was THE ONE for THE LATEST operating system before it went beyond 10.9.5. So basically, it's too much information that I can't use, and no one has a clearly demarcated previous version of it that is the last best one for 10.9.5.

If anyone has reliable answers for any of these problems (especially the Mupen one since that seems to be the most promising, but I could be wrong), please put what you have to say here.

------- SNES: -------​

These ones all have the same problem as themselves, slight delay on the control input to effect in the game, which are horrible for precise gameplaying (like I had high hopes for since I do stunts that I want on a HUGE window on this screen, not on my small FCP log and capture window).


I use this for SNES since it's the only one that would work on both my past and current version of mac, but there is no later version that my upgraded system allows. The same control problem is still present. It's basically useless now.


See above problem with Mupen 64. It's basically the same thing. Also, there's some thing where on my version the control pad locks on the right and down controls of the D-pad, and you can see when you configure the controllers that they are automatically pressed down for some reason, making the whole thing unusable.

------- NES: -------​

For these ones, I have problem with delayed controls mostly on sidescrolling beat-um up games, and megaman games. Less in priority to me compared to N64 and SNES but still important.


See problem above with SNES9x and Mupen 64. There might be other versions for NES systems that I haven't looked at yet, but since NES pales by comparison to how much I want the other systems to work with this upgrade, I don't really care to look into it right now. I want the SNES and N64 problems solved first.