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Anybody ever make any good replacement lyrics?


Registered Member
This is sort of a spin-off of an already created topic on surprising things that people who know us would find we listen to:

You listen to what? (add some more "!!!!!"s and "????"s and "!?!?!?!?"s to that title)

In this case though, whether surprising or not (who can check without being there in person... really?), I'm wondering if people ever listen to stuff and then come up with ideas to replace the lyrics with their own. There's pretty much instrumentals to everything nowadays, so it's easier than ever. Now just a question of who has the motivation?

Me personally, I've been so moved in my lifetime to come up with full song replacement lyrics to Elton John's "Circle of Life" (from the Lion King soundtrack) and call it "The Circle of Fraud" back in late 2014. I would paste the lyrics here but would rather see if anyone has any other experience on this first since I might actually use it for a project some day (none in mind yet) and any copyright I have on it would effectively go away if I put it here (maybe... not sure entirely).

So, does anyone even ever do anything like this to begin with?