TV ANybody but me noticed a change in Dr.Phil??


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I have been watching Dr.Phil ever since around the year 2000. Then he seemed to me a nice careing guy who really wanted to help others. And really listened. Not just sat there and pretended to but really did listen. Then I noticed something changed around the time he started doing that Dr.Phil house. It happened slowly though. He started yelling more and getting angry more. At first I thought well maybe hes just stressed out and he'll be ok after the show is over. But he wasn't ok. It seemed to get worse to me. He then went to see Britany Spears. She already had a therapist and was being well taken care of. Dr.Phil was turned away with a flea in his ear. He didn't say anything but the look on Dr.Phils face and the look in his eyes told me he wasn't happy about being turned away. He now seems to think hes the only therapist in the world with brains. And its upto him to save the world. Seems to me now hes more interested in yelling and being right and slamming his hand down on a table then actually listening and talking sense. The show has changed from helping people to a drama show. Its almost a soap opera now. Just yesterday or the day before they had a show about P.I moms. Nothing was wrong they were just showing how they live there lives. Umm I thought Dr.Phils show was about helping real people with real problems. I heard that sometime this week there doing a show about what happens backstage. I don't care about backstage. I really don't. To me this show isn't about how P.I moms live there lives or about Britany Spears or about what happens backstage. To me this show is supposed to be about people having trouble with addiction,stress,disabilities,disorders,marriage problems,ect,ect...Am I the only one who has noticed that Dr.Phil needs Dr.Philing?? I think he needs someone to help him get real and show him that he is no longer listening. He used to say "he who yells loudest doesn't always win and isn't always right." I think his thinking has changed for the worse. I think fame and Hollywood have gotton to him and somebody needs to tell him and show him. Because I'll bet anything he isn't even aware of these problems. I'll also bet anything that although Dr.Phils show is still on and there are still fans of him I'll bet his ratings have gone down because he is no longer being a therapist he is turning into a bully. And it makes me sad to see it. Because I do believe he can really help people with real problems but not if he continues like he is doing.... What do you think??


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Sweetheart, Dr. Phil has never been in it for the help :lol:

He's probably just had to adjust to TV's rougher attitude towards solving peoples' problems. I mean, there's this segment of America which (thankfully) is moving more towards this "It's your fault, work your shit out" angle. That and heart-felt shows about helping people just don't make money. Ever.
I watch Dr. Phil anytime I get the chance as he is good at what he does and now that i read your post i do seem to see a change in him.

I also do not care about what happens backstage and IMHO it is ok to have a show thats different once in a while.