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Discussion in 'Money & Investing' started by Mina, Apr 19, 2005.

  1. Mina

    Mina Registered Member

    Do you have any tips for getting views for your online auctions??

    Also does anyone here know how I could find out how much a antique china childs tea set is worth?

  2. Bunny_roses

    Bunny_roses what? no pink?

    if there is a stamp on the bottom of the tea pot and saucers. you should be able to do a search and find a website that might have that info : )
  3. Mina

    Mina Registered Member

    thank you hun!!!
  4. AngelsPeak

    AngelsPeak Wanna play?

    As far as getting people to actually look at the auction, I think it's all in the title. Once you lure them in keep them there with something interesting.
  5. Teorropy

    Teorropy Registered User

    Yeah it is all in how your present it to the public, you have to make your auction look like it is the best one or one of a kind.
  6. Mina

    Mina Registered Member

    I don't know if this is breaking the rules or not, I really hope not.. but would any of you be willing to look at the auction that I have up and give me your impression? Tips on what could be done to make other auctons like it better or more attractive??

    Any help would be much appreciated
  7. SamusAran86

    SamusAran86 Registered Member

    PM me your auction and Ill give you my thoughts on it, and to anyone else who asks to see it
  8. Bunny_roses

    Bunny_roses what? no pink?

    Sure I'll take a look at it!
  9. AngelsPeak

    AngelsPeak Wanna play?

    What is the auction?
  10. Allmstwgp

    Allmstwgp Registered Member

    I would like to view your auction but I'm not sure how much help I could be as I can't get anyone to view mine either...........LOL

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