Any Tiger Fans?


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Anyone out there a Tigers fan. I love the Tigers. We have an excellent looking team this year. Granderson is only going to get better, Ordonez will perform up to par, our only worry will be health. Same problem the Wings run into. Let me know who your favorite Tiger is.


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I can't say I'm a huge fan because then I'd be accused of being a fair-weather fan, but I'm a fan by proxy because my sister and her kids are as whacked-out about the Tigers as I am about the Wings.

Zumaya is my favorite. My niece is all about Mags, and my sister has a damn Pudge fathead on her kitchen window. lol.


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I've been a Tigers fan for a little bit now. Obviously the Cards come first but the Tigers are in my 5. I mean top 5.


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I don't like the Tigers but they do have a good team, and this year they have one of the scariest line up in the league, they have star players from 1-9, there starting rotation is pretty good, they need a few additions in the bullpen, but other then that there pretty much stack, and if they stay healthy they should win the Central. Watch out for Miguel Cabrera, if healthy he's going to have an MVP type season.