any steelers fan

Were you a fan of them before 2004? Just wondering.

I cannot stand them. I hate Roethlisberger and Ward... and I still can't wash the taste of Cowher from my mouth. Haha.
I'm thinking about becoming a steelers fan if your team continues to beat us. :D

Root for any team out there, go ahead and pick the Colts for all I care, just don't ever degrade yourself by becoming a Steelers fan. Just be part of a fanbase of a team that isn't overly cocky and is overrated.


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It's tempting though. Roethlisberger does have a hot sister. I'm still sticking with my team. I will see what the new coach does for the team. Hopefully he gets us to the playoffs at least.
Steelers fans do get on my nerves more than any other fan base, at least here at Ohio State. They are smug as fuck every single time their team wins. They can't just be happy about the fact that the Steelers have won more Super Bowls than any team, they have to gloat about it non stop. Pisses me the fuck off...


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The 2005 Super Bowl was the worst officiating ever and this is coming from someone who is not a Seahawks fan.
I second that motion.

I hate the Steelers. They do have a loyal fanbase, obviously, but the current team is built to be cheap and win on luck. Most of Ben's deep throws are just lobs that Ward or Holmes get lucky enough to catch. He doesn't target most of his deep balls when they aren't planned routes.

Ben is mediocre, Ward is a cheater, and the officials won them a Super Bowl.