Any poker players?


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Do you play poker either online, at home, or in casinos? I don't want to make this into a discussion thread...there are other forums for that. Just wanting to know where everyone played, if online what sites do you use etc. If you have an interesting story then include that too.

I play both online and off...i'm fairly new to the game...I use ap, noble, and royal vegas online. I play holdem...sometimes screw around with omaha, and 7stud but won't risk money on it.


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I play with friends but they usually want to play Texas Hold'em. I don't mind that, but sometimes I just want my 1 minute games! :D

I never played for money though. I don't consider myself good enough to risk money on it. :)


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I love to play.(when I get the chance) I play at can play for play money or real cash. And you can talk to other players at the same time.
Almost as addictive as here. :lol: Texas Hold'em is my favorite game, then next would be Black Jack. Till next time........................... :warp:


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there's only one way to play when you live within my budget: beer poker with friends till dawn, penny ante, nickel limits, with the main rule being that you can leave anytime if you're losing, but must stay till sunrise if you're ahead... you can play all night on $30 --unless you really suk lol


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Yep! One of my favorite games!
I play on all the time, Texas Hold'em is my favorite :)


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i have to admit i am a big fan of the texas hold em. i play a good bit online, with friends, and at casinos. I sometimes find myself spending a few hours online when i have the time.


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Use to way back when. Problem is it was usually with "the guys" and the hubby in the wee hours of the morning and hubby hated me playing cuz I'd kick his butt :D Been awhile but I've played on pogo also. Would love to play in Vegas sometime but it's pretty intimidating there!