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Any people here that are good in law?


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So here's the deal. My mom owns a house in another town. She was going to sell it to some people but they never closed the deal. They never signed papers or anything and the people have lived there for 8 months. She told them they could move in back in January but the realtors never closed it or anything.

So they lived there for 8 months. Never made a payment or anything. -Which I suppose they can get away with because there was no paperwork saying that they had to pay. Just the conclusion of like $500 a month that was discussed.

Well, my mom got ahold of the people and asked them to pay back rent and they said no, that they were just going to move and such. So we filed an eviction. But they say we should have to repay them for the $600 they put into the house. (Sheetrock, paint, etc.)

The police department in that town said that we would be arrested if we went on the property or in the house. (Even though it's OUR HOUSE AND LAND.) We want to go take pictures of the place to make sure that they do not tear it up when they move out...

What's up here? Do we or do we not have the right to go in there and take pictures, or do anything we damn well pleased considering that the house and land is ours and they are not even staying there by contract. The police wouldn't even let us just kick them out. We had to go as far as to file for eviction on someone who was staying in our house without a contract.

This seems way fucked up.


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Well, Canada’s laws (actually I can only say so for BC) are a tad bit different from the States, but we had something similar happen to us back in 1997. Anyways, I think what you’d have to do is go to court and get a court order to arrange a date with those douchers, so you can go snaps some pictures of your property. If you have a court order no one can arrest you for being there. They’ll probably send a police officer with you. Its actually a really good idea to write up a contract and keep copies of rent receipts. Good luck!!