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Any one play Runescape?


New Member
hey, any one play runescape here? if yes please give tips and hints for other players, and also your runescape name. thank you!


New Member
yes i play runescap and some very useful tips is that before going to the wasteland stock up to the max u can carry on potions to heal.i mean literally fill up all ur item slots with potions and u will last longer.trust me it is woth it because u will get tenfold the money that u used up on potions and u can reapeat this for your desired amount of MONEY!!!


Well-Known Member
I never actually played runescape, because it didn't sound like my kind of game. I did, however tell some people that I played runescape and got dragon armor (I learned that term from a friend) and had 9999999 gold. Some people just get so into your conversation aabout the topic that you know least about and it's really funny when you tell them that you didn't actually play the game. I was able to convince 3 people to stop playing the game just because of how stupid they felt after I told them taht I never actually played the game. I will never play runescape because it is much more fun to do this instead.


Registered Member
Runescape is one of the most badly designed games I have ever seen... seriously...XD it's made with java but looks like a Stone Age game.. XD

They really should try enhancing the graphics... x)


Registered Member
Runescape is pretty boring. I tried it once in grade 6 and pretended to like it because my friend was there. Later, I barfed in a corner.