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Any Musicians?


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What instruments?
How long have you been playing?
Favorite styles to play.

Me I play guitar, sing, and make digital music. Been doing so for about 20 years except the digital part (7 years). I enjoy performing Jazz, Metal, Classic Rock, blues, and Classical, and blue grass.


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I bought a guitar but never had time to play it. I still want to learn but I need to get a different one first. The one I have would be hard to learn on, but it sounds nice when played by someone who knows what they are doing. :)

Then I bought some drums a few months ago, but sold those since then. Decided I will wait.

The closest I have come to being a musician is I wrote a few songs completely on the PC using some good MIDI software that I bought. They sound decent but I want to learn to play piano and guitar so I can rerecord them how they are meant to sound. :D
I've been playing drums for 7 years, and making digital music for 4 years. I play drums in a band, which has yet to really take off considering we just got together, and I've released 4 techno albums (nothing big, I just sell 'em for $3 each). To be honest though, looking back, I don't really care for my first 3 albums, but I'm really proud of my 4th. If you want me to upload any songs, just say so. :cool:


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I have a couple guitars and a bass that I play on occasion, mostly just to have something to do on the side. I'm not very good, and don't know many of the notes. It's just a little thing I do when I don't have much else to do.


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Id like to hear your stuff RossDude. Yours and everyone elses. I love music and believe even those that can only hum have something to contribute.


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i play the bass and guitar. i've been playing for around 6-7 years on and off.

i've only been on stage once, and it was to play a song with one of my favorite bands, the Groovie Ghoulies.


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I played piano for a few years back in the day. I suck now though. I'd love to be able to play either guitar or drums.


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i too used to play the piano when i was a kid [ forgot to mention that ]. but i don't play anymore.

i still want to learn moonlight sonata on the piano though.