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Any knitters?


Registered Member
I am addicted to knitting! I keep two projects going at a time -- one challenging one where I have to count and pay attention, one easy one that I can just grab when watching TV. It keeps me from snacking and makes me feel productive. I currently have a wool Aran wall hanging as my challenge and an angora scarf as my easy. They'll both be Christmas presents for family.

Anyone else a knitter? What's on your needles?


what? no pink?
I kinda sorta knit :D

I started going to a knitting class two years ago and made a sweater for my daughter. it took me so long I had to turn it into a dress :-/ but it's very pretty hehe

then I just got so busy and didn't do anything. I just started going to the class again last thursday. I'm going to make some sort of shawl for my daughter this year. I have only seen the picture of it. I will be getting the pattern on the next thursday that we meet. we meet every other thursday.:nod:

I like knitting, it's pretty fun, and I know I could get addicted to it if I could just find the time! :lol:


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I have yet to learn to knit. I tried it when I was younger and remember being very frusterated because my stitiches always seemed too tight or too loose or too something else.

I would really like to get my grandma to teach me though. Seems like a nice thing we could do together!


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I think it's great that you knit. I've tried a time or two, but never quite got the hang of it. I used to crochet, but haven't done that in too many years to count. It seems my only hobby nowadays is anything to do with computers. Oh well . . . .


New Member
sbarber77 ~ Do that!!! I wish I could have learned a few things from my Grandma before she passed away.

I knit wonderful scarves, but that's as fancy as I get. There is a nice scarf on my knitting needles right now ... packed away somewhere from our recent move. :rolleyes: