any ideas for my ms telethon

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by nani1987, Jun 2, 2005.

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    Hi all.
    I am running out of steam and need some ideas, I am one person doing the job of 30 to put this MS Telethon together. I have the backing of the ms society, I have some other ebayer that is going to donate some awesome paintings., I have golden palace on my side they love the idea. I have a local tv station here interested , but I am trying to get the bigger stations to get bigger coverage. I email corporate headquaters, mailed letters, and now I am trying to get a site for all this... so far I have 5 other people helping me , so I am really not alone. but man it feels that way. I just had dental work done today and I should be sleeping but man, stressing out thinking hurts my head. aNd not only that I have to see a lawyer tomorrow for another issue . I just at time wish i can crawl in a hole and hide.
    Anybody got any suggestions of any sort. I have a site. as you will see the signuature below. I am trying at the same time to raise money thru my auctions. I got to many medical bills piling up, anyone wanna trade bodies.. I am 5ft tall about 130 and have ms.... wanna trade anyone? :)

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    Well it looks like you are on the right track... Are you trying to get more sponsors, news prsss, or more website content, or what? I don't know a lot about setting something like this up either, but I may have some ideas if I know more about what you are looking for. :)
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    i dont know anything about putting stuff like this together either. But I think you are a great person to be doing this. I know just helping with fund raisers are hard work, I can not imagine having to put it together!! I wish you luck and let us all know when it is so we can call in and give some money!!! I am riding on a motorcycle ride for St. Jude tomorrow. So many good causes, so little money!!!!

    OH OH just a thought but have you contacted Montel? Doesn't he have MS????
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  4. nani1987

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    hi yeah I did contact him and terri garr.
    I am hoping to get him and I will keep trying... I am looking for sponsors and some help in getting the word out. I did do a press release but I need to get a hold of different news paper.. I have an idea ,, can everyone send me your local newspaper name or email address I will start emailing them or you can on my behalf.... what do you all think? nani

    hard to say. I am still thinking. I know press is a big plus and so is sponsers... I am trying to get in touch with montel williams agent I wrote to larry king live and his staff respond back to me , with interest and says want to help me so I am hopeing they will hook me up with some more celebrities. They did a cast a few months back with 5 stars with ms. so cross your finger and wish me luck.... My website I wonder if it needs something else don't know just what... I know press , newspaper and tv will help a whole lot... now getting it.. is something. some proceeds of my auction is going to my funding of the ms telethon and hopefully one day i will be rewarded with a cure.
    any ideas on press? oh yeah you did an awesome job on humancasinochip website........ loved the flash intro.. that was cool.
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