Any idea what this would be worth?

Discussion in 'Collector's Corner' started by Nanner, Apr 29, 2005.

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    Hi Nanner I would bid on this. Definitely a good investment. Also comes from a very reputable seller. Comes with a COA witch is Real Good. The pics are a real good source and add value. I think that I might even bid on this one. :lol:
    Hope this helps............................ :warp:
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    If you notice they have a whole bunch.....but being this is Joe Perry.....well.......that'a a whole different league from the others :D Go ahead and bid......I doubt I'll be bidding high enough to come close to winning. I've seen Aerosmith guitars other places and they were above what I was willing to pay (at the time......some day) but those were signed by the whole band. Then again not as nice. (can ya tell I'm a bit of a fan? :D) I did however purchase a framed/matted w/COA first album (signed) of Sonny/Cher shortly after Sonny died. Yup.....Cher is my idol for many reasons (waiting for the "Huh's"? and "she's nuts" comments :lol: ) Hey, I admire a woman with balls!
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    Now this is the first time I have ever seen a Live auction.

    You have to sign up before you are able bid, there has already been 18 "absentee" bids before its even started!! and the auction doesnt even start until May 3

    What I dont get is that the auction starts at $5. But according to the bid incrimints, your first bid would have to be at least $25, with a 20% fee to the seller for a total of a $30 bid?! I just dont understand that one.
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    The only live online auctions Ive ever seen were for cars :-/
    An automated voice says "we weel stirt thee beeding ate fower hoondred dullers..."
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    this really belongs to ebay? never saw any link to this kind of live auction?
    it's worth make an live auction?
  8. helpisontheway

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    When you are logged in and on the main page on eBay on the bottom left hand side is a link for live auction as well as a special link to the charity auctions. It's a whole new world out there.

    It's meant for serious collectors and a way to weed out people without any sort of feedback or substance. Alot of the museums and places like Sothebys go through there for buying and/or selling. It is rare that anything in the Live auctions come without any sort of COA.

    Where I used to work we would often go through those auctions and look for items stolen from private collector homes or museums it was a way to find things that were organized.
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    HAHAHAH!hahahHhHAAHHAAH!! You been hangin' out with Billy Bob Thornton?

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