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PC Games Any good strategy games?


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Hi, from the get go I have to say that I am an old school strategy game enthusiast, i.e age of Empire II, Warcraft....are there any good strategy games out recently. I dont know if it was just me, but Age of Empires II at the time was incredible...


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If you can stand dated graphics, I rather enjoy the Romance of the Three Kingdoms series- it's rather epic in scope and very intricate in the details. If you're interested in turn-based rather than real-time, there's always Civilization (I last played IV and found it sublime, but V is supposedly very good as well). Real-time wise, I'm a fan of Command and Conquer, though the recent Tiberium Twilight was supposedly not very good- Command and Conquer 3 and Red Alert 3 are safer bets, as are any previous game.


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I've done Starcraft (a little bit), Warcraft 3 (finished it), Total Annihilation, and a few others.

Like Kaz's recommendation the graphics are a bit dated but I have to say that Total Annihilation was simply a perfect game, I've spent countless hours on that game, it's fairly cheap by now because it came out 15 years ago but it's still my favorite.

Kaz I've been thinking about getting Civilization for a long time. I have Civilization II, I'm guessing that game isn't any good compared to 4 or 5?


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I played II a fair bit, but IV is a much richer experience in terms of complexity, how resources factor in, and generally is more colorful and enjoyable. Some things like the tech tree and the victory conditions have hardly changed, but it's cool to have concepts like borders and culture factor in now.

(Civilization III really isn't much good and hasn't aged well. II was excellent for its time, III not so much).

So yeah, Civilization II would do in a pinch, but really I would urge you to get into IV or V if you want a full experience.


OP mentioned Age of Empires and Warcraft. Both of those are Real Time Strategy games. Some of the ones you mentioned, such as Civilization are Turn-Based Strategy. It's nothing major but I know a lot of people who like RTS games but can't stand turn-based ones.

Most of the best RTS games are from that time. Settlers IV, AoE 2, Warcraft 3, Battle Realms etc. There are newer versions. Settlers 7 has been out for a while. I hear it's okay but doesn't have quite the same feel as the old one.

Also Age of Empires Online was just released. It's combined RTS with RPG and that may not be your kind of thing.


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Dofus is a really fun game. It is turn based, though. I played it for a couple of years and loved it.

Dofus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

You have to pay to get the most out of it. Not sure if that's something you'd be willing to do but it is amazing and worth it. You can level your character to a maximum of 200. I stopped playing at level 129 but I do regret it.
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Honestly, like Kaz has said, Civilization V is the game to get. It revolutionizes the original Civ concept with hexes insead of squares, and no stacking.

So worth it.


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Thanks guys, great suggestions, ill give them all a go. hahaha AOE II was still the sh** back then. must of spent at least an accumulative year of my life playing that.


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i don't know if you aware of the latest versions of Warcraft...
it's :
* The Burning Crusade.
* Cataclism.
* The Wrath Of The Lich King.
and some other versions