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Any funny things that have happened to you at school?


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I'm bored so I just wanna start this thread. I don't have a funny story but my teacher calls us her "little chickens"...



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My shorts fell down in the hallway when I was acting like a goofball once.



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I fell flat on the floor at the class door blocking everyone's way out to the cafeteria (class break). So much for finesse and discretion. Also, it's a coed school.


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I ran into the skinny side of a door once. I'd made a smartass comment to someone and so they made to chase after me lol, and so I was gonna dart out of the glass. Last second he shoved me a bit and I missed my turn and cause the door was only half open, instead of squeezing through the opening, I just smoked the skinny side full force. I had a long skinny bruise running up my side for a week haha. It was pretty funny.


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My friend the bitch pulled the chair back a bit as I went to sit down. I didn't just stumble, I fell flat on my ass.
Same friend gave me a jelly leg and again fell flat on my butt.
I have a lot of similar stories, you get the gist. I fall down. Once I walked down a flight of stairs and as I hit one step my ankle sort of rolled, and then the next foot did the same thing on the next step and it happened pretty much the rest of the way down the stairs. Somebody actually asked me if I was drunk, stumbling down the stairs. And also, walking up the stairs another time, fell flat on my face.


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When we'd first moved to canada I got put in a school and moved up a grade but because half our lessons were in french I struggled because I obviously had never learnt it before.

Anyway one history lesson I needed the bathroom but I couldn't remember the french and I tried really hard to remember but I thought I was gonna get told off for saying it in english, anyway I took too long and my mum had to bring me a new dress....

So awful I was about 5!

In high school I used to hate my RE teacher (she was a self sanctimonious old busy body with outdated views and opinions on things she needed to not talk about) aaaaaaanyway! I used to have a weekly mission of trying to dig my way out of the lesson. and once she was outside screaming at my classmate so I crawled to her desk and sat underneath it waiting for her to get back. It took her ten minutes to realise I was missing and then my classmates told her I'd gone to the bathroom. FINALLY at the end of the lesson she was just about to start dismissing the class and I just popped my head out and said "Miss can you talk louder its a bit hard to hear you from down here"
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One time a friend and i where screwing around in the halls during lunch and wrestling around he pulled me down as he rolled back words my forehead hit the corner of a trophy-case and i had to go get 32 stitch's from the gash it left clear to my skull


Sally Twit
I was known for being very clumsy. Always tripping up. Once I fell over in front of the Headteacher and I was so embarrassed I didn't get up right away. He thought I had fainted.


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When I was in high school, I used to live very close and I did turned up once in my sleepers:-o:D

Only for my mates to start laughing at me and me making a run to the house to avoid anymore embarassement.

Although i did had to accept to be called sleeper for a few weeks by the mates..Fair enough:lol: