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Any favorite goal/celebration songs, either current or should-be?


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I've been doing a fair amount of research into the subject of goal and celebration songs and so I figured I might as well make a post to see what others got out there on this. My specific sport of interest is hockey and the goals, but this can be for a variety of sports as well and extended to songs for a win, as well as "walk-up themes" in baseball and whatnot.

Note: There will be a lot of video links, mainly for the music, not the video.

So I'm wondering if anyone out there likes any goal songs that not many people know about or think that there are songs out there that aren't being used that would make good goal songs.

Everybody knows the typical songs, and if they don't, then they probably know them but don't know what they're called, so let's review some of them.

Rock and Roll Part 2 by Gary Glitter: (a.k.a. THE most historically overused anthem in sports, among which there are varieties to fit the occasion)

Another common one within the last 15 or so years has been "Kernkraft 400" by Zombie Nation:

Another one I remember a lot but didn't find out the name of until recently is "Song 2" by Blur (no wonder these are so hard to find... "SONG 2"???... COME ON!!!:

Here's a good one. "Locksley" by The Whip, which I hear all the time but it's apparently got this AC/DC part in front that is never played, so it's hard to find and recognize the title of:

Everybody knows this one... ("Chelsea Dagger"... Fratelli's)... I'm going with a short clip on this one. You can search whole song if you want:

Also a good one that I loved when I was a kid but could never place it because the team it was for only played in the west on those rare occasions that their games were televised nationally on NBC or something. Easily my favorite though, above even my home-town-area Sharks:

Apparently this one's a team-made one simply called "Let's Go Rangers":


And since I mentioned it... might as well acknowledge what is apparently the Sharks' new song for at least this 25 year anniversary season, though personally... I think the song is all over the place and and sounds like crap. Makes me glad I'm not going to games these days and paying for this nonsense:

San Jose Sharks Goal Horn & Song 2015-present featuring SixxAM


(add some space now)

If I had to pick a recent one that I really like just on the song alone, I'd say the recent expansion team Winnipeg Jets have the best current song called "Hell Yeah" by Rev Theory. It was obviously written to be a goal song, but that's actually a good thing because someone designed it for what it's used for and they hit the nail DIRECTLY on the head with this one:

Winnipeg Jets Goal Horn 2014-2015

The best thing I like about "Hell Yeah" though is that if you find the full song and you KEEP listening to it, it still works as a goal song, which you can't say about most goal songs. "Chelsea Dagger" in particular makes my stomach churn the more I listen to the point where it's like... "Ok, obviously, they're just HOPING that the crowd is too busy cheering by the time they get to these lyrics". But to me, ideal goal songs should be able to be played forever, through replays, reviews, and whatnot, and still work as a goal song, not losing their relevance to the sports-related action as much as possible.

This is what I would argue is the case for the full version of "Hell Yeah":

Rev Theory - Hell Yeah

(more space)....

So now I ask.....

Are there any songs that are your favorites like this that most people don't know about?


Are there any songs you like that you think would make great goal (or team celebration or player walk-up) songs that aren't being used right now?


To answer the 2nd question for myself, I've always liked "Prayer" by Disturbed. And I'd probably end the goal horn and start the song at the 0:52 mark of that song.

Disturbed - Prayer [Official Music Video]

I used this song for the 2003 All Star Game tribute video I made for Dany Heatley's 4-goal performance, and I use it for any player in my NHL games who scores 4 goals (or more) in a game (5 min periods each, so it's hard). But in real life, I think some team out there is really missing out on not making it a goal song.

If I had to pick one right off the bat, I would choose this one for the Calgary Flames. I have no idea what their culture is like out there or what they use and why, but I think that if you wanted to take the concept of a Flame and put a positive spin on it (since it can be either good or bad and thus requires some spin), this would be the way to do it.

Anyone else with favorites and ideas and such.

Also, video game tunes are also fair options. I've seen some that are especially good for team victories, but for now, goal songs are a good starter for this topic.
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Unless my ears deceived me, earlier this year, I'm pretty sure the Ottawa Senators' goal song was Adam Rose's old theme song!


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I so wish that the Habs would've kept "OLÉ" by Bouncing Souls as their goal celebration song like they did a few years ago.


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So then... this one:

Or, if you want it with a horn first... then this:

That's not bad. I would call songs like that "chants" rather than "songs" but they can still be good. My former favorite "Let's Go Rangers" is a chant. Given the choice though, I'll take a good song. As long as the lyrics don't completely suck once drawn out in entirety like Chelsea Dagger.