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Any card collections you can recommend


Registered Member
I am a big fan of card collections, you can get some really nice artwork, story lies and generally a lot of work is put into the general layout, it is really something I enjoy.

However as of late I am thinking of finding a new collection to start collecting, preferably something that is new, within the first or second sets of the collection, so I can keep up with it.

I currently have Magic the gathering (most people generally do) Pokemon, Yu-gi-oh, world of warcraft and warhammer collections.

So can anyone recommend a collection to me, something that offers either a good story to follow or some amazing art work, however both in the same collection would be preferred.


Registered Member
One of my favorites was Versus System. One of my favorite cards was Captain Marvel - he entered play as a 1/1, but as you played him you could say "SHAZAM!" to give him a cosmic counter; as long as he had a cosmic counter, he had +12/+12 and Flying (if I remember correctly). The flavor on that card was awesome.