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Any brave souls...


Wanna play?
Plan on going to haunted houses this year? We've been hitting a couple every weekend since the season started, and are having sooooo much fun. My queenies each brought a friend with them last night and we hit one of the haunts I helped set up, this one is a hayride/forest walk through/ 3D house/ 3 tent haunt/ and maze all at the same place and the kids had so much fun.
YES it can be very costly, last nights combo tickets would have been $25 a piece, but I get comp passes at 85% of the haunts for obvious reasons.

This is the 2nd year I'm not going all out with the yard, it was just too much trouble for one night of gratification, I get a bigger charge knowing my work is being viewed by 1,000's of patrons and I'm getting paid for it!:D If your in S.E. MI and love the haunting season, there will be an outstanding place opening next year, I can't give the deets yet, but I promise it will be loads of fun for the family during the day, and a screaming good time at night.


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I remember going to one in my entire life. They just aren't big around here and I have no idea why. I do remember the line for this one was a zillion miles long, I froze my butt off waiting and you parked in a huge field to get to it. This was many many years ago. Now you have me wondering......is it still going on?


Wanna play?
I think it depends on the state you live in, but it's a HUGE business here in MI. We even have 2 papers to find the haunts, The Fear Finder and The Haunt Guide.
The Chicago area has a show called Transworld that we go to every year, they have 1000's of vendors selling Halloween props and such, if it's Halloween related, then I've seen it before it makes it out to the general public. Hauntcon is relatively new, but picking up loads of followers. This is also a Halloween tradeshow, and I am SO excited that it'll be in MI this year.
If you go to hauntedhouse.com it has a clicky map, and you can find out if there are any haunts in your area.
The big one I did the artwork for in Pontiac, did over 3,000 people this weekend. At $18 a ticket and $25 for VIP, I'd say that's a tidy amount of money to make.
If it's been a while since you've been to one Nanner, I think you'll be very suprised by the new technology. My husband has been working on a lot of the animatronics for props, and making some really cool stuff.


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I wish I could but, no. On halloween I will be home with kids, we are gonna watch scary movies all night. The Saturday before, we are having a party at my sister's house. We always have a family party for Halloween because that was my Grandma's birthday. She has been gone for 34 years now but, it is our tradition. So, that's about it for me.


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Not me. I remember trying to go through one with my brother, sister and cousins. I didn't get 10 feet before I wanted to leave. Never have gone to another one. Most of them made it through, but I'm a scardy cat.


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Oh we love a good spook house. Been to 6 flags twice and going to the Haunted plantation next! :D

We are looking for better local haunts. Sometimes the small local ones are better than the big ones.

Have I mentioned that I love this time of year?


~Bus Driver's Pet~
Nah, surfer you've just been saying it for 2 years now!!! I guess it helps that you go married on Halloween...Gee Me Too...Angel, I don't do Haunted houses the strobe lights make me ill...If I could just find one that does not have one I would love to go.


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Staff member
I didn't make it out to any this year either. I wouldn't mind working at one though. Mostly due to the fact that I like to act and it would be a good challenge. :)


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I didn't either. Andrew, have you ever gone to any of the corn mazes up north of Denver? Some of them are kind of fun...! :)


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We don't do haunted houses or the like because my kids are really easily scared. Closest we came to it was the "Fatal Exit" performance at our church. I guess we seem pretty tame compared to some of you halloween fans.