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Anxiety about school =/


New Member
This might sound like a silly little problem but I'm just seeking some kind of helpful advice from someone that understands.
I'm starting school on Thursday [going into junior year/11th grade] and I'm really...anxious about starting the school year for some reason. People like me, but I've always been somewhat socially...'awkward' I guess you could say. My boyfriend/best friend isn't in any of my classes, just my lunch, so I was wondering if anyone could kind of give me some tips as to how to calm my anxiety and nervousness down before/maybe during the school day?
I feel really odd/kind of embarrassed asking this especially since I'm going into junior year...you'd think I would have been able to figure it out by now... hahaha but anyways let me know if you have any tips, it'd be much appreciated.

P.S.-sorry the message was so long!


I ♥ Haters
To be honest, I’ve never been nervous for school. But the best thing you can do is just smile, you’ll be amazed at how much you’d attract people with just a smile. When I say smile, I mean like in a warm friendly way, not a creepy weirdo kinda way lol. Just think about it, who would you rather talk to – a person with a bitchy pout on her face or someone that gives you a friendly smile? Apart from that, I’m pretty sure there will be other newbies at your school too, so don’t worry about it. Be cool and calm, you’ll do just fine. Good Luck! :)


A Darker Knight
I used to be nervous about starting school too. I was never the kind of person who'd be greeted by crowds of friends when school started. I think the last two years of high school, I didn't have any classes with my best friend except for lunch once in a while. Best thing is to make the most out of it. At least you can still see each other.

As for the anxiety. Almost everyone gets a little anxious before school. Just think of it as an opportunity to meet new people. Keep an open mind andlike Bubbles said, smile a lot.

oh and it'd probably help to laugh at jokes even when they're not funny (at appropriate times of course) just as a way to seem friendly


Registered Member
Dear Lovely94...
What you are going through is very normal....
You should relax because if you thought about it carefully you will find that there is nothing to worry about...
Everything will be normal.....classes.....teachers....students and so on....
Just consider it a new experience......something exciting you are going through.....
Personally,I think that the time you spend at school is a very enjoyable time :nod:....despite the hard work....
Enjoy your time and do not worry about anything....


Registered Member
It's easy - Just keep telling yourself "two more years, two more years!" Ask almost anyone and they'll tell you that anything you had to worry about through High School disappears pretty quickly once you're out. In the meantime, think of it as good practice --> Excluding your best of friends, you will likely never see 95% of these people again.

Don't do anything you don't want to do, realize that you're not invincible ASAP, smile whenever you can, as has been suggested, and for God's sake, never surrender to what only seems like a bad situation.


Boom Boom Pow!
I used to be like you and get very nervous about school too, especially when the new school year was starting.

I have to agree with Bubbles in saying that making yourself appear more approachable will certainly help. Just relax and roll with it, there is seriously no point in getting all hyped up and nervous about it.

Now that I've left school nearly 3 years ago I laugh at myself and think "Why on Earth was I like that?" because you seriously have nothing to worry about. Just sit back relax and it will all fall into place.
Confidence is key, and even if you aren't confident, then just act like you are, and then hopefully real confidence will take it's place.


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I never was anxious about school because it was the same as the year before, same people, same teachers, same school. The only thing that worried me was how will I go this year education wise but half way through, I'll be like "Fuck, that was a breeze, nothing to worry about".

Be really confident, believe in yourself. Roll with it and don't try to fit in, let it come to you. :)


New Member
Well this post is quite old now so you are probably all settled in - are you?
It is always always nerve racking going into a new situation, especially if people you do not know aren't there. No matter how old you get. I am in my thirties and still get nervous if I am starting a new job! Nerves are good, it means that you will come across as genuine. Like other people on here have said, just smile and be nice and your inner confidence and personality will shine through!


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I'd love to know how things worked out for her, too, but she only had eight posts. Posters like that usually get their advice and never come back.
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