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Anticipating fights around the holiday dinner table?


Registered Member
I know several people who dread holiday family dinners. Some will go, have a miserable time, fuss and fight, vow to never go again, but then repeat the same thing year after year. While others who anticipate family drama will skip out all together. Are you anticipating any family arguments or relationship woes that will likely hijack the holiday celebration? If so, why do you attend anyway?


Free Spirit
Staff member
Never had a problem with it coming to blows at our house. Sometimes a difference of opinion would happen but not every year. If it did I would be tempted to skip it. Don't know if I would though, family and all.

Use to talk to this cop and he had to go out on a disturbance call on Thanksgiving and he said when he got there the Turkey was all over the floor along with gravy, food everywhere. They were trying to fist fight so he and the other cops were slipping and sliding around on this mess trying to break up the fight. Bet that was a sight to see.


Registered Member
Never! My family is great and my in-laws are great too. We laugh more than anything else. I do have a couple of friends who absolutely hate spending time with their extended families.