Anti Virus Software - Help!


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Hey everyone,

Okay so I got a 60 day free subscription to Norton Internet Security, and the time has come for me to "renew my subscription" (give them munnies) .. but I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations other than Norton? Or if you reckon Norton is worth payin the money for..

I've read a few reviews of Norton software, and quite a lot of them are pretty negative!!

So whats your views on Norton, Macafee, AVG .. etc ??

Any recommendations wld be great!

A lot of things I've read have commented on Norton's SLOW start up when you'v first logged into your pc/laptop .. which I can relate to, in fact I'm almost certain its deliberately gotten slower since it wants me to pay money to it!! Maybe I;m just being paranoid :p .. But I have noticed that my slowness my desktop takes to load does seem to be because of Norton..


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Well, maybe this should've gone into the tech section but I use Norton Corporate and have no issues with slowness or anything because it is a condensed version of that bloated package you have. We use McAfee at work and I despise it.
I recommend either AVG or Avast Anti-virus. AVG is more recommended but I'm just used to having Avast on my computer. They're both free and pretty easy to use. My avast has blocked a lot of spyware/malware/trojans who were trying to install on my computer.

Avast updates their definition files regularly. About 3-4 times a week.


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Norton blows chunks like a drunk chick on a ferris wheel.

AVG is the way to be. It's an incredible value for being free and by paying for it, you get an even better deal. Programs like McAfee and Norton are resource hogs that slow your computer more than any virus could.