anti virus programs.

Discussion in 'Computers' started by Iris, Nov 24, 2008.

  1. Iris

    Iris rainbow 11!

    I really need some, like Ad Aware, or antispyware search and destroy. I can't find anything that is free AND will clear whatever it finds without having to buy it.

  2. Xeilo

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    I use AVG, it is a good program and is free :D Had no problems with this.
  3. Bananas

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  4. Blueyes

    Blueyes Registered Member

    If you need a fixit right now too you can use housecall online and that will do everything. I use that instead of separate programs when I have to go fix peoples computers especially when I know they have a slew of crap on there.
  5. ysabel

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  6. Merc

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    Does it actually remove anything though? Hime is looking for something that will actually remove stuff. I'd imagine she probably has a problem and whatever she's using won't get rid of it.

    I know Hime that you said you weren't looking to purchase anything, but if you ever do, look into a program called Webroot Spysweeper. I used the trial before and it worked amazingly.
  7. ysabel

    ysabel /ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5

    I think it does. I haven't used it in the past year so I don't really remember. But I found a site that did a review for it, saying it does remove viruses automatically, but not everything (although it will propose you what you need to do).

    I used to scan with lavasoft's ad-aware but somehow it's not working properly on my pc now. I do have other AntiVirus programs on my pc but I think my husband bought them.
  8. Iris

    Iris rainbow 11!

    Cons hit it on the nail.

    I use AVG and it isn't picking anything up anymore, even with updates. :/

    I'll try what you recommended Bananas!

    And cons, I'd be willing to buy something if it was my computer. But I know that if I did it would just be wasted since I'm the only one putting actual work and time to keep it running. It's the family computer with a 29 year old man using it too. pr0nz aplenty

    (plus me lol but I'm safe)
  9. PretzelCorps

    PretzelCorps Registered Member

    AVG sucks balls. :sick:

    I and my associates use AntiVir (Bananas' post).

    I don't know about removing viruses, but I don't get many problems with AntiVir. (Also - Very low resource usage, and not too intrusive, for free software)

    Every other time I've had a real problem, I just format my computer. :-/

    ATARIGUY Beermister

    I use AVG and it rocks !!! and so far no problems and I use an older version that allows the user to scan for viruses.

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