anti virus programs.


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I really need some, like Ad Aware, or antispyware search and destroy. I can't find anything that is free AND will clear whatever it finds without having to buy it.


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If you need a fixit right now too you can use housecall online and that will do everything. I use that instead of separate programs when I have to go fix peoples computers especially when I know they have a slew of crap on there.


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Does it actually remove anything though? Hime is looking for something that will actually remove stuff. I'd imagine she probably has a problem and whatever she's using won't get rid of it.

I know Hime that you said you weren't looking to purchase anything, but if you ever do, look into a program called Webroot Spysweeper. I used the trial before and it worked amazingly.


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I think it does. I haven't used it in the past year so I don't really remember. But I found a site that did a review for it, saying it does remove viruses automatically, but not everything (although it will propose you what you need to do).

It's rare that we discover the perfect program or utility. Well, do we have the perfect utility for you. Trend Micro's Housecall is a Web-based antivirus utility that not only scans your system for viruses and worms and removes any potential problems it discovers, but it does all this for free!


Housecall does more than simply scan for dangerous code, however. Unlike many other Web-based scan utilities, Housecall can also eliminate most viruses or worms it finds. Housecall is more than just a marketing tool. It's a workhorse. An "Auto Clean" option lets you turn over all scrubbing functions to Housecall, which carries them off flawlessly, removing any questionable files or embedded code it discovers during a scan. Alternatively, you can elect to correct things yourself after Housecall finishes its scan.

We probably should confess a certain level of hyperbole in our declaring this the "perfect" utility. There are a few viruses Housecall can't remove automatically. To be fair, even some of the "big names" in anti-virus software have problems with these especially insidious pieces of rogue code. Housecall still identifies any viruses it can't cure and even offers suggestions on how to remove them manually.

I used to scan with lavasoft's ad-aware but somehow it's not working properly on my pc now. I do have other AntiVirus programs on my pc but I think my husband bought them.


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Cons hit it on the nail.

I use AVG and it isn't picking anything up anymore, even with updates. :/

I'll try what you recommended Bananas!

And cons, I'd be willing to buy something if it was my computer. But I know that if I did it would just be wasted since I'm the only one putting actual work and time to keep it running. It's the family computer with a 29 year old man using it too. pr0nz aplenty

(plus me lol but I'm safe)


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AVG sucks balls. :sick:

I and my associates use AntiVir (Bananas' post).

I don't know about removing viruses, but I don't get many problems with AntiVir. (Also - Very low resource usage, and not too intrusive, for free software)

Every other time I've had a real problem, I just format my computer. :-/