Anti-Spell Fragrance Sunday May, 14th 2006

Discussion in 'Cards & Board Games' started by lavoidgaskins, May 14, 2006.

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  1. lavoidgaskins

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    This card is okie. Key word okie. It is seriously nothing more than a peace of tech. Even when teched it can harm you. Sorry for the sort review but there are only two decks this thing should seriously be thought of to be played in. They are skill drain and in a Uria, Lord of Searing Flames based deck.

    Traditional: 1/5
    Advanced: 1/5
    Skilldrain/Uria, Lord of Searing Flames based deck: 3/5

  2. Scyanyde666

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    Re: Anti-Spell Fragrance May, 14th 2006

    Heh, mentioning this card reminds me ov that weird MPT build I saw that ran 3x PoA, 3x Decree and 2x ov this for it's only m/ wasn't successful but funny as hel when it won...

    Anyways...ASF is not-so decent tech cause ov the fact tht it affects both hurts you most ov the time so it isn't recommended except in the 2 decks mentioned above...especially Uria...


    edit: trust waht i'm saying. i played it in that deck, n i told you not to post in old cotd's, but since you were sleeping almost all day yesterday i'll let it slide. Don't do it again. ~Lavoid~
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