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Anti-Homophobia protest turns to riot in Georgia


In the country of Georgia (not the US state) a few dozen people were participating in a march against homophobia in the country. There were police trying to protect them but they were soon overpowered as a massive, angry, anti-gay mob attacked them.

In this video, the yellow van is trying to evacuate some of the anti-homophobia protestors while the mob attacks them from all angles.


I'm not sure how to make the video embedding thing work so here's the link.

?????? ?????????? ?????? ???????????? 2 - YouTube

This is shocking to say the least. In my city it seems like almost every weekend there is a gay rights march, a pride march, a marriage equality rally etc. None of these events have ever been harassed by protestors here. In fact most bystanders are more likely to join in than anything.

It seems like Georgia still has a long way to go.
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Problematic Shitlord
It's not surprising to me anymore. Maybe my cynicism has hit its peak in regards to homosexuality, but to me people are paranoid, insecure, violent and stupid when it comes to things they do not understand. They lash out and rationalize in the most ridiculous ways possible and decide their way must be the only way. It would be nice to see a world where people stopped shit like this, but I'm afraid it will simply never go away.