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Sometimes I try to discern the future in an optimistic way, but I can't help but ignore the thought of a world completely controlled by A.I. I'm not trying to be a prophet when I make guesses that the government will be ended in 2012, and I hope I am forgiving if I offend anyone by making such claims. However, I do believe brotherhood will once again tighten the relationship between government and the people. I believe that the government will grow more lenient, and cut more people breaks, making laws more lenient, once leadership is restored in the government. A leader emphasizes positive reinforcement, mutual understanding, and to lead by example. Positive reinforcement could be infiltrated by paying people who have been virtuous, even if they don't have a job. Mutual understanding is apparent in a government that coincides with the will of the people. Lead by example is revealed in a government which is benevolent. People are alienated because the internet has resulted in a society to lazy to physically congregate outside of their conformed social cliques. The United States have been using terrorism as a means to create a social condition that is increasingly controlled by and dependent on the government, making laws more strict, and ultimately depriving people of their liberty. Technology assists this task, as it helps weaken democracy by diverting people from physical congregations which are generally more powerful and productive then the, not so popular, political forums in which people tend to just spread conformed journalism, rather then the truth and honest opinion, including the fact that people are losing control, not to mention their freedom, as a result of an unbalanced, conservative government. If the US weren't such superior minded war mongrels, than other countries wouldn't hate us so much. Conservatives are clearly exploiting the weakness when they use fear as a means to enhance security. I would bring other countries into the picture, but the American government is the driving force behind the empire, and they benefit most from the conservative dynasty. The ironic thing is, now only an American Revolution can stop the devolution, and/or, empire of America. We need to unite and find solutions ourselves!
I don't think anything that can be reffered to as "intelligence" whether artificial or not, is going to be running the new world. Fucking George Bush, tells us we're stupid because we know what amnesty actually is, and he can't even correctly pronounce the word nuclear....

Sorry dude, didn't mean to highjack your thread with my rant.

EDIT: but, oh yeah, you can't stop technology from taking over. It's an inevitability. The only thing you can really do is pray for the best, because you and I aren't going to be alive when the machines replace human beings.


I know the 2012 theory comes from the aztec calender, it happens to stop at 2012 so people throw out that as the date for the end of the world, I've never heard the collapse of government in 2012, but sure whatever.

I more or less think the aztecs just decided 2012 seemed like a good place to stop making calenders.