I was introduced to the genre by a chance listening to Regina Spektor's music, and found her style to be all around appealing. After a further venture into the genre with Kate Nash, and while I felt her music was inferior, it was still of a more than satisfactory quality. I have found the phenomenon to be, not exclusive to Regina Spektor, but rather, quite possibly, the entire genre.

As such I am looking for more quality examples of this style of music, and would appreciate other peoples opinions on similar artists and styles.
It has occurred to me that examples of Regina Spektor's music would, though not furthering my goal of finding more exemplary examples of anti-folk, would further awareness of good music, which though not my original intent, is none-the-less a satisfactory ends.

YouTube - [HD] Regina Spektor- Laughing With (Live At Good Morning America 06/23/2009)

YouTube - Dance Anthem of the 80s (Official Video) - Regina Spektor

YouTube - Regina Spektor - Folding Chair (Album Version)
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