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Anthony Bennett


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
If you follow Basketball closely, then you know that Anthony Bennett is struggling right now. The NBA has not been nice to him.

He's a rookie, and there's still lots of time left for him to figure it out, but is way too early to call him a major bust?

As a Canadian, I'm really sad to see Bennett struggle like this. I was surprised that he was selected first overall last June, but I did expect him to be a star in the NBA. Seeing him do this poorly is very discouraging and I really hope he change his fortunes around.


Registered Member
I had the same reaction as Bill Simmons when he first got picked #1. I was shocked. Many better prospects. Imo it is too early to call him a bust but he's playing terrible right now. I have a rule that you gotta give someone 2-3 years before calling them a bust. Same goes here. Cleveland is gonna regret that pick though. Could have had Oladipo, Porter, Hardaway Jr.(was projected to go mid-late first round. Would've been insane to take him #1 but he has been a MAJOR steal for the Knicks at 24th), or even MCW(run a 2 PG lineup w/ him and Kyrie.) Another big could have been Nerlens Noel. I think he'll be a bust too as he is too skinny and light for PF/C. But I think he'll be a role player eventually and better than Bennett. He'll likely miss the whole season, Noel will, but likely will be back next season. He needs to add some size in terms of weight but not fat.


Registered Member
He's a guy too small to be a PF but doesnt have enough range to be a SF, so that's his first issue. Also doesn't help that Cavs have so many other forwards on the team, and adding Deng clogs that spot even more. He's struggling to find his niche, and with a guy like Kyrie, who isnt that good and making those around him better and getting guys shots in "their" spots, he'll probably continue to struggle..


Registered Member
He could end up being a bust (which I'm not wishing on him), a lot of it is between his ears, he could use some time in the D League, maybe go to another team cause the Cavs might not be for him.


Registered Member
This is a sad story not just because he's Canadian but he's a real nice guy too. He is historically bad, like the worst ever first overall pick in history at this point. The Cavs were reaching when they picked him 1st overall, as I believe a lot of scouts thought he'd be in the 5-10 range. This obviously means there is more spotlight on him, more pressure to perform. He is still tremendously young and hope he can turn things around.


Registered Member
I fear Bennett will end up out of the league soon enough cause of his bad start, he may not let himself get past it mentally
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